Connect with the Writing Center From Anywhere!

Online Consultations

We are offering two modes of consultations Fall quarter: in-person appointments (held in the library) and online (synchronous) appointments. You can schedule either appointment style by going to WCOnline.

In a online consultation, a Peer Writing Consultant will expect you to log in at your scheduled time. You and the consultant can video chat, create a chat log that you can save for later, and/or make direct comments onto a paper you’ve copy and pasted into the “whiteboard” section of the online platform. This mode has a lot in common with the face-to-face writing consultation experience!

Making An Appointment

  1. Log in to (WCOnline) like usual!
  2. Make an appointment with a consultant that has online appointment slots available.
    • Remember that the schedule is in Eastern Standard Time! You will have to manually calculate the time difference if you are not in EST. We recommend the Time Difference Calculator found at this link!
Demonstrates how to tell if a Peer Writing Consultant is available for online consultations
  1. Respond to the “Create a New Appointment” questionnaire. You may also attach your document at this stage, but you will also be able to import your document once your consultation starts.
  2. Log back into WCOnline between 5-10 minutes before your scheduled consultation time. Click on your appointment and hit “Start of Join Online Consultation”. We highly recommend coming early so you can play around with interface!
Screenshot of WCOnline's interface when starting or joining an online consultation
  1. WCOnline will request permission to access your webcam and microphone. We would love to hear your voice and see your face! However, if your device cannot perform those functions, WCOnline also has a real time chat box.
Screenshot of WCOnline Whiteboard feature for online consultations
  1. Have a great consultation!

Using WCOnline’s Workspace

WConline toolbar

WCOnline comes with a fantastic online editing workspace! 

On the left hand side, you will find familiar tools from word editing software, font styles, bulleting and tabs, and undo and redo buttons. Then two weird symbols explained below, and back to familiar text alignment buttons.

close up of coloring text and LaTex symbols

WCOnline tracks who is typing by coloring text. But what about when you’re done and you want to accept all those changes? The button with the eye will set all text to black!

The pi symbol is for embedding LaTeX/MathJax, a way of representing math equations. Helpful for STEM papers!

closeup of the import and export buttons on WCOnline

Perhaps the most important button is the third from the left – the arrows pointing both ways. This is the import and export button. It will allow you to import your work and export it after your changes have been made. Make sure to export your work before importing! Your work will not be saved by the WCOnline workspace; you must export it to your computer.