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Frequently Asked Questions

What can the Writing Center do for my students?

We are here to help students at any stage of their writing process in any subject! That includes brainstorming, revising a rough draft, polishing a final draft or even understanding a prompt. We are a peer mentoring service that can work with students in 30 to 60 minute appointments. During these sessions, students and writing center consultants collaborate to tackle whatever the student wishes to work on. If you think your student needs more than 60 minutes, they can request permission from our Director, Bela Agosa by emailing

How can I encourage my students to use the Writing Center?

Encourage your students by recommending that they use the Writing Center at various stages of their writing process! While polishing a final draft is helpful too, coming earlier in the process can grow their relationship with the center, as well as their own writing. Scheduling a class visit from the Writing Center can also familiarize students with what we offer as a service. To schedule a 5-10 minute classroom presentation from the Writing Center or to request a longer session tailored to your class, please contact Director, Bela Agosa by emailing

How can I prepare my students for their writing center consultations?

You can prepare your students by discussing the prompt, as well as your own expectations for the assignment. If you require multiple drafts, you can give students concrete feedback. It can be helpful for students to have comments from you, so that the consultant and student can work on actionable solutions during their consultation.

You can also refer your students to the How to Prepare for Your Writing Consultation page, which gives guidelines for best practices for preparing for writing consultations with us. You are welcome to download the printable version of the Writing Consultation Preparation page (60 KB, PDF) and use as a handout in your class.

Can I promote the Writing Center in my syllabus?

Yes! Please feel free to copy and paste the following blurb:

I encourage you to visit the Peer Writing Consultants in the Writing Center for your writing projects. Consultants will collaborate with you at any stage of your writing process, from brainstorming to reviewing a final draft, in any type of subject or assignment. To maximize the efficiency of your consultation, reflect on the prompt, ask questions about the assignment, and think about what you want to work on before you meet with your consultant. Make sure to bring a copy of your prompt and any source material you are working with to your appointment, along with any writing you have done. Writing Center hours are Monday-Thursday from 3:30pm-5pm and Sunday-Thursday from 7pm-10pm. The center is located at 110 Upjohn Library Commons. You can walk in during those times or make an appointment by visiting the Writing Center website.

Can I encourage individual students to come to the Writing Center?

You can — many professors do. However, we encourage you to talk with your students about why you think they would benefit from working with a Writing Consultant so they can feel prepared and energized for their consultations.

Can I require my whole class to come to the Writing Center?

If you choose to require all of your students to come, please be conscientious of the time frame you give them. We have limited appointments and requiring a whole class to come in a short period of time can take time slots away from other students. In order to provide equal opportunity to all students using the Writing Center, you can give your students a longer period of time to visit the center. You can help your students make the most out of their consultations by encouraging them to come to the Writing Center with specific goals and to reflect on what they learned in their consultations as they revise. Visit the How to Prepare for Your Writing Consultations page or download the How to Prepare for Your Writing Consultations printable (60 KB, PDF) for a handout that you can give your class to help them prepare for their consultations.

Can the Writing Center help with reading?

Yes! Please know, we do not read for students. We do, however, help students with reading techniques to help them through their readings.

Can the Writing Center help with grammar and citation?

We do not proofread, however, we will help students work towards a better understanding of grammar and citation. We have copies of the current APA, MLA, and Chicago style manuals on our bookshelf that students are welcome to use.